Couple Counselling

Couples/relationship therapy is a service for those who are experiencing difficulties within their relationship. I am a qualified counsellor who will be available for you to come with your partner or alone, whether you are same sex or heterosexual, married or single.

You will discover safe, confidential and non judgmental surroundings where you can express how you really feel. You will have time to talk, shout, cry or think quietly in a contained environment.

Couple/relationship counselling helps you to understand each other by improving communication and by being able to express your feelings, as well as your arguments. It allows you to explore the difficulties and conflicts in your present or previous relationship. Couples therapy involves learning how to communicate more effectively, and how to listen more closely. Sometimes the process is similar to individual psychotherapy, sometimes like mediation, sometimes educational.

How do I work?

The first step is to arrange an initial appointment where we can discuss your individual circumstances and
experience working together. If you decide to continue we would arrange a regular appointment at the same time
and day each week. Some clients see their counsellor for a few weeks, others for many months. The counselling I practise is about responding to the needs of each individual.

It can be a painful process to overcome emotional difficulties, counselling offers the support and surroundings to enable you to develop the confidence to restructure your life.

For further information call me on  07957 156407

or email

I am available to see clients either during the day or evenings.