At some point in most of our lives something can trigger us losing control, often resulting in a multitude of unpleasant feelings. Depression and low self esteem are common feelings that appear frequently in counselling and are areas that I have great understanding of. Bereavement and loss are often causes for people to feel ill at ease and I personally am very interested in this field – it is an area I feel very passionately about and have worked a lot with clients covering these issues.

I, Stephanie Wolfe, run a private counselling practice from my home offering non judgmental therapy (Psychotherapy) and confidentiality in a safe comfortable environment where you will feel able to speak openly and be listened to and heard.

This will enable you to become aware and understand many elements of your self. It will give you the opportunity to improve your situation and make life more manageable.

I work face to face with individuals and couples. Together we are able to explore individual criteria and causes by analysing the present and where applicable making links to other times in our lives. Current issues can often activate past long forgotten events and throw us into disarray.

To begin a journey of personal growth is challenging and liberating and I believe will enable you to live a fulfilled and contented life. Through therapy (Psychotherapy) you may find you have control that you never knew existed, and choices beyond your imagination..

Although our past may be responsible for who we are, we are responsible for who we become. This is a lonely and scary prospect at first which is why counselling (Psychotherapy) will share your fears until such time you feel independent.

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I am available to see clients either during the day or evenings.


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