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Happy New Year 2017

Male 53 6 August 2017

Thanks very much to Stephanie for listening and enabling me to address my anxieties and concerns I had from being made redundant . I was able to take control and feels I am better prepared to take responsibility for what life can throw at you. I really appreciated the support to address some very difficult experiences in my life and to be abe to move forward . Thanks for listening , refel challenging

Female Teacher 28 – January 2017

This time last year I was in a completely different place. I felt constantly anxious, stressed, frustrated about where I was at in my life both professionally and personally and I lacked in self-confidence. I am really happy to say that this year I don’t feel that all-consuming panic and fear like I used to. I really felt ill at ease and sad most of the time but from day 1, Stephanie made me feel so much better! She is so good at listening in a non-judgmental manner whilst offering alternative ways of viewing situations. She has really taught me to have more confidence in myself, to be kinder to myself and to be more self-aware. This has led me to view things in a more positive light and to be more accepting of myself. I am incredibly grateful for all her help!

Female 42 – September 2016

I am a professional who was signed off work. My place of work arranged through our insurance for me to see Stephanie for counselling. I felt like i was unable to interact both at work and socially. I have never felt like this before, i was scared and didn’t recognise myself. after a few sessions i began to rationalise and see things  clearly enabling me to find my old self and get back on track. Not sure what happened in Stephanie’s room, if i didnt  know better i would say some magic. Thank you so much. now back at work and back to my life.

Female 46 – April 2016

I called Stephanie a few months ago and was quite stressed out and felt as a Mother my relationship with my Son and he\’s Wife was tricky to say the least. Stephanie helped unravel the reasons as to why this was a problem. And through our weekly meetings and her great support and advice she repaired me/us and our relationship!

Thank you so much and I know in the back of my mind that your advice will stay with me and that if I ever need your support you will be there

Thank you thank you. Highly recommend Stephanie to EVERYONE!!!

Male 35 – April 2013

Stephanie helped me with anger issues, frustration with the world and general feelings of depression and anxiety. Her approach was open and vocal without long awkward silences and dealing with the root cause of my depression head on. Since finishing my therapy I still hear her words of advice in my head as I tackle new problems and issues on a day to day basis. I found the sessions to be invaluable in helping me make sense of life and in developing some all-important self-respect. I now have some great tools with which to tackle life and only wish I had discovered them 15 years earlier.

Male 49 – March 2013

So pleased I met Stephanie she really helped me to unravel my issues …..

Female 54 – February 2012

Your compassion, guidance and knowledge helped me to turn my life around. Did not dare to think that I could achieve what I have achieved before you gave me your advise. Was at the lowest point of my life. Now I am blessed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Female 26 – September 2012

i went to see stephanie for about 9 months, she has changed my life and i feel so much happier, i originally started going as id lost my father at a very young age and was very angry with life.. but as the months went on she also helped me with issues i had with a relationship and work issues. i feel so happy now and its all thanks to stephanie!

Male 30 – 27 February 2012

All my adult life I have been getting angry over the little things, sometimes under influence of drink, I exploded and caused harm to my friends and family. I was always disgusted with myself and when sober never could believe my actions. My outbursts became more scarey. I was engaged to be married in the summer and thought that I didnt want to spend the rest of my life in fear of myself, It sounds strange but I had no control of my actions. Visiting Stephanie has opened my mind up to what is important in my life and what really matters, we discussed so many things which is strange for me as I never talk to anyone, After about six months I have felt like a new man, my temper is controlled and I no longer drink to get drunk. I am married with a kid on the way. Thanks for all your help.

Female 38 – 7 April 2012

When I first went to visit Stephanie I was so unhappy and I cried the whole time. I talked, she listened and maybe cried a little more, but over time i changed my life and realised a lot of things. Stephanie was an amazing help, listening helping me try and understand my feelings and thoughts. Thank you, Thank you and Thank You 🙂 xx

Everyone defiantly needs a Stephanie in their lives.

Female 37 – 13 September 2011

Put simply, Stephanie has changed my life. I am so lucky I chose her as my counsellor am

Female 29 – 9 September 2011

I had thought about counselling for a long time before i plucked up the courage to see stephanie. It was not untill i got into regular sessions i realised how unhappy i had been. To understand your life and how you got to the point you did is quite something.Meeting up with Stephanie each week felt like meeting a friend/family member who really cared i never felf like i was \”being counselled\”.She made me understand my anger,thoughts and feelings and never let me down.I now realise i can be whoever i want to be.Im more confident and can see things so much better .I feel like i can finally move my life forward and enjoy it.Thankyou stephanie for making counselling accessible to me im eternally grateful.

I agree everyone should have a stephanie in there life xxx

Female Age 28 – 6 September 2011

I have been seeing Stephanie for over 3 years now. I can honestly say that I am a completely different person now to the one who walked through her door in 2007. There can be such a stigma associated with counselling…. but what is wrong with having someone non-judgemental to talk things through with, to help you see a different perspective and even just to listen? My life has changed completely – but I must admit that although Stephanie was the cataylst for change, it involved sheer hard work and determination on my part and the willingness to embrace siutations out of my comfort zone.

Stephanie – I cannot thank you enough for all your help.

Female 36 – 25th August 2011

A couple of friends suggested counselling to me when I was going through a tough time and at the time I didn\’t think I needed it….hilarious to think that now. Its been a massive help. Stephanie has been an amazing help, listening and deconstructing thoughts, patterns and helping me try and understand my behaviour, feelings and thoughts. Its really quite amazing.

I really do think everyone needs a Stephanie

Couple – 2nd August 2011

when we first came to Stephanie we were on the verge of separating. 5 months later we are back on track, so much has changed…

Female 29 – 5 July 2011

I have had some very low moments and having survived them I now believe I can get through anything. Stephanie you always seemed there for me and seemed to say or be whatever i needed. Although I found myself talking about things that i rather would have avoided. I can see now how i needed to do that. My life has changed in so many areas like home, family, friends work. I feel a different person. Thank you……

Male 25 – 12th May 2011

My anger had always caused problems. Even though i built up the nerve to ring a counsellor, as you know Stephanie, i found it hard to talk. I don’t really know where all my stuff came from? Suppose i had never had a reason to talk about me and find out who i am. Somehow i am much more relaxed and things don’t get to me the same . Thank you

Couple – 15th April 2011

I’m not sure we got the results we intended, it was a difficult a sometines painful process but from barely talking to each other and always screaming and shouting at each other we now seem to be reading off the same page. life is calmer and I think we have learned to hear one another. I certainly see a future for us now

Male 51 – 22 March 2011

‘ it made such a difference for me to find a counsellor who actually spoke to me………………

Female 65 – 15 February 2011

i know i only saw you three times Stephanie, but i was so unhappy when i came as you know. After three weeks I was a different person. Even after the first session and all that crying i felt like a cloud had lifted. Will always be thankful

Female 32 – 2 February 2-11

I learnt so much about myself it was an amazing experience i feel liberated, like a weight has been lifted

Female 43 – 10 January 2011

didn’t realise how unhappy or depressed i had been until therapy finished……………………since a bereavement, so long ago. It really is like someone removed the fuzz and made everything clear. A real experience thanks Stephanie

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