Child Counselling

Child Counselling

Children (and their families) may sometimes need extra support in order to deal with emotional or behavioural difficulties they are experiencing in everyday life,  therefore requiring child counselling.

Related issues may include:

Bullying Emotional difficulties Behavioural problems Family relationships  Loss/bereavement  Social difficulties earning that your child is experiencing difficulties can be distressing for the parents as well as the child.

Counselling can assist children in feeling better about themselves, help them to interact better with others and find coping strategies to deal with difficult situations.

As well as talking therapy I may use different methods to encourage children to express their difficulties. It is often hard for children to communicate in words. For this reason I may include various play therapies such as reading stories that open up communication about characters in relation to themselves, art materials, sand play, and therapeutic games. These methods give me a greater insight into the unconscious mind of the child.