The Counselling Process

I understand the Counselling Process and making the fist step can be daunting but please be assured that the initial session is a mutual assessment and you do not commit yourself to further sessions by making this preliminary appointment. Everything discussed in our sessions is confidential and in accordance with BACP ethical guidelines.

If we decide to continue I will  describe how we can work together to bring about change. We can then begin to talk about the issues that are concerning you and have brought you to therapy. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, ask any questions you may have and decide whether counselling may benefit you

Although the past is responsible for who we are – we are responsible for who we become

Talking things over often leads to a greater understanding of yourself and your feelings, thus enabling you to find ways to improve the situation or make it more manageable. Counselling can either be short term (6-12 sessions) or go on for a longer time depending on what the issue is.

Individual counselling 50 minute session

Couple counselling for 60 minute session

Rates are negotiable according to individual needs. Student discounts available.

Additional Information

I believe there are reasons for the way we are, the way we deal with life. I trust that we all have in built resources to cope with life’s demands and issues. Given a supportive environment where you feel free to speak without fear of being judged, where you are listened to – can help you to acknowledge and become aware of elements of yourself, thereby enhancing personal growth and change.


Special Arrangements

If you feel your company or organisation could benefit from offering a staff counselling service please ask them to get in touch or let me have the contact details for their HR Department.


For further information call me on  07957 156407

or email

I am available to see clients either during the day or evenings.