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Life is full of changing circumstances, most of which are out of our control. These changes can create a variety of emotions such as sadness, tiredness, anxiety, insomnia, fear, loneliness, anger, resulting in mental health difficulties such as depression, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, insomnia, stress , addictions, behavioural problems, Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, to name but a few.

These feelings can become so overpowering we find it difficult to carry out our everyday lives in a way we are happy with. Feeling ill at ease mentally affects our physical health too; therefore, it needs to be addressed.

Today’s technology dictates a fast pace of life and it is inevitable that on occasion we find it difficult to keep on top of it all. This can be frustrating and disorientating. Losing control in our life is frightening and can cause unpleasant and unfamiliar feelings resulting in many of the above symptoms, – feelings that can become overwhelming.

It is not unusual to experience mental distress at any age or at any time in your life. Change in our mood can come over us gradually or suddenly, sometimes for no reason, other times it can be pinpointed. Often we have no idea of the cause but it does not make the symptoms any easier to deal with.

What is Counselling

Counselling is now a respected and successful form of treatment recommended throughout the medical profession with proven success. I can offer experience of both short and long term therapy.

Counselling is an opportunity to explore aspects of your personal life that are confusing, troubling or upsetting you. Counselling takes place in privacy and provides you with undisturbed time, on a regular basis, where you can talk in confidence about personal issues.

To begin a journey of personal growth is challenging and liberating and I believe will enable you to live a fulfilled and contented life. Through therapy you may find you have control that you never knew existed, and choices beyond your imagination.

We can meet either Face2Face or remotely

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