What is Depression

Depression affects both adults and children, male and female alike, in a variety of different ways.

From feelings of sadness and hopelessness to losing interest in activities you once enjoyed  to feelings of tearfulness and anxiety.

It is not unusual to feel low in mood and have no motivation to carry out every day activities.  We can experience sadness, anxiety, emptiness and often worthlessness.   Depression can affect our thoughts, our behaviour, and how we feel both mentally and physically.  We find it difficult to concentrate, experience changes in appetite, in our sex drive and find it difficult to make even the smallest of decisions.  Everything becomes an effort and a chore; we may experience a lack of energy, a change in sleep patterns, and even resistance to life itself.
As if a heavy cloud has fallen over us, everything is a blur, muddled, dark and there seems no way out.



Many things can trigger off depression.  Life changing events such as bereavement, loss of job, breakdown of a relationship, accidents or having a baby can often throw us out of control both emotionally and physically.  Adjusting to new environments or suffering from lack of sleep can also create difficulties in living our lives contently.   Suppressed issues, social environments and sometimes family history of depression can also trigger off the symptoms.



Counselling gives individuals the opportunity to discuss their feelings openly in a safe, non judgemental atmosphere where we can together begin to look at and understand these triggers and see that there are alternative ways of dealing and reacting to various situations. In a supportive environment you can see things more clearly and begin to take responsibility for the way you are, giving you the control to change.

How it Works

The first step is to arrange an initial appointment where we can discuss your individual circumstances and experience working together. If you decide to continue we can arrange a regular appointment at the same time and day each week. Some clients see their counsellor for a few weeks, others for many months. The counselling I practise is about responding to the needs of each individual.

It can be a painful process to overcome emotional difficulties, counselling offers the support and surroundings to enable you to develop the confidence to restructure your life