Anxiety is a feeling of unease, fear, a severe tension in the stomach, maybe your heart is pounding and it is difficult to carry out general chores. You may experience shortness of breath, headaches, insomnia, sweating and other symptoms. These feelings are sometimes described as Panic Attacks. We all worry and feel scared even fearful when under pressure or facing difficult and stressful situations, however when these feelings become overwhelming and interfere with relationships and activities, when you feel they are preventing you functioning you may be suffering from anxiety disorder.


There are many causes of anxiety, and it is not always apparent why we suffer from it. It may be triggered through a stressful, life-changing event such as bereavement, a traumatic experience, an accident, giving birth or a drug or alcohol dependency. Anxiety can be the result of depression, early child hood experiences or a reaction to intense pressure.


We all experience different triggers that can cause anxiety. Understanding what they are and re-examining our thoughts around them can be among the first steps to managing anxiety.
In a safe, non judgmental atmosphere we can together begin to look at and understand these triggers and see that there are alternative ways of reacting to various situations. In a supportive environment you can see things more clearly and begin to take responsibility for the way you are and enable you to be more in control of your emotional state.