Anger Management


Anger (management)  is an emotion experienced by us all to different degrees, often appears when you feel hurt, frustrated, rejected or intimidated. If anger is not expressed and managed in a controlled way it can have a devastating effect on our lives and the lives of those closest to us. It will affect our relationships both personal and work and very likely cause us physical health problems as well as depression and anxiety.



Anger is a behaviour pattern that can be a result of many different causes. Often created from our early experiences and environment, our upbringing, our lack of control, our inability to express, the unsaid unacceptability, our cultural background are just a few of the reasons for built up anger. Sometimes it may be from physical causes such as lack of sleep, hormone imbalance or illness



We all experience different triggers that enlighten our anger. Understanding what they are and re-examining our thoughts around them can be among the first steps to managing anger.

In a safe, non judgemental atmosphere we can together begin to look at and understand these triggers and see that there are alternative ways of dealing and reacting to various situations. In a supportive environment you can see things more clearly and begin to take responsibility for the way you are, giving you the control to change.