I believe cultures have a huge influence on our identities, who we believe ourselves to be , and what we consider is important to us.  Cultural messages influence relationships, conflict, how we celebrate our triumphs, how we mourn our dead and even how we cope with illness, to name but a few.

It is difficult to recognise and access the seeds of our cultural heritage
as it is largely outside our awareness

Through counselling together we aim to bring the unconscious into consciousness.
Our culture describes the countless ways we express ourselves . It  defines our identity and even how we separate ourselves to be an individual.   Each of us belongs to multiple cultures that gives us messages about what is normal, appropriate,  expected and acceptable. Cultures shape our perceptions, judgments and ideas of self and other.   When we or others do not meet those expectations it can create internal conflict resulting in us feeling ill at ease.

The extent that our Cultural heritage has on our own self image is often underestimated, it can impact on the way we perceive everything in our environment, especially on how we perceive ourselves as individuals, thereby often without gaining awareness we suppress our own self development.